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What ADVISR Can Be Used For


About Us


Advisr has been developed and deployed by FDS Consultants – a clinically led team who have over ten years of experience in the management of referrals, commissioning, and service transformation. More than software development, FDS help in change management, deployment, training and their clinicians can help design and implement complex pathways that help support your patients.

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Case Studies


Modules & Customisation


Advisr differs from traditional A&G systems by offering a range of clinical modules that enable structured data to be collected in a consistent manner. Modules also provide the structure of pathways for the management of long term conditions, shared care and research data collection. With a wide range of pre-built modules to select from, we can also produce custom modules to support your clinical needs, local pathways or provider requirements.

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Advisr is fully integrated with key NHS digital infrastructure including patient demographics (PDS), the national e-referral system, the new EeRS systems for optometry referrals and the Summary Care Record system to enable urgent care to be managed. Advisr also offers a fully integrated video telemedicine service, and calls can be scheduled between professionals or patients with automatic reminders. We also provide a fully integrated PACS solution, see Imaging below for more information.

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Unlike eRS based A&G, Advisr can accept a wide range of imaging types with file size only dictated by your upload speed. Large, multi slice OCT images, cone-beam CT or high resolution MP4 slit lamp files can all be uploaded with ease. Once in Advisr they can be viewed by any member of the team using our PACS viewer, and sent to hospital PACS using our IEP integration.

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