Modular Approach


While the basis of Advisr is facilitating communication between clinicians, the use of structured data and reporting helps improve governance and decision making.

For longer term care, or shared care models, reporting at regular intervals or updating the A&G record for Consultant views or opinions a standard report makes assessment simpler and repeatable.

    • Over 30 built in modules

    • Enforce pathways with automation

    • Enables local varations

    • Custom built modules for providers

    • Data available in real time on dashboards

    • Fully managed research and clinical consent

    • Patient messaging, surveys and telemedicine

    Interactive Data Collection


    In addition to a fully featured communication system Advisr differs from other A&G systems by providing access to a range of clinical modules designed to capture data in a structure way. Modules can be assigned for pathways, specialities and users can also require modules to be completed prior to an Advice session being enacted.

    For example, in our Restorative Dental A&G service, many providers require a dental chart to be completed as part of the A&G process:

    Modules can be requested at any time by the advising clinician to better understand the clinical query and data collected are available in any onwards referral.

    There are over 30 clinical modules in Advisr and we are adding new ones all the time.

    Pathway Modules


    Advisr can require modules to be completed at regular intervals for review by a third party. For example in long term glaucoma monitoring a Consultant may ask for a review each six months using our Pressures and Disc Features modules. Advisr will generate an automatic system message and notify the primary care clinician that a review is required.

    The patient can be appointed using the Appointment Module (which can email, text and post details of the time and date to the patient) and then the clinical data submitted for review.

    The Consultant will get a notification that the review has been completed and they can assess the data, modify the schedule for the next review, provide any feedback or guidance or, if required, convert the session to a review and ask the patient to attend an outpatient clinic.

    Custom Modules


    Advisr can support custom modules and integrations to support local pathways, capacity and providers. For example, a local area required a periodontal chart to be made available to support their dental A&G service:Custom modules can integrate into existing systems,  retrieve data from external databases or send documents or data to alternative providers.